Another year is here! Let’s celebrate our kids and their GROWTH MINDSET!

We have had a wonderful time learning with John Porcino! He has inspired us to learn that it’s okay to make mistakes in life and in school. John has taught us that taking safe risks is what life is all about.  He has been open, and honest as he’s shared his own life stories with us. John inspired us with quotes and along the way he’s even taught us how to juggle!

With his lessons, I was able to work with the students to create their own folder portfolios that share their own truths. The students wrote personal narratives about the risks they’ve taken in their life. Risks that have helped them further to grow, learn, and become stronger individuals. They will be sent home once all students have finished.

I have truly enjoyed this unit and I am so proud of the students that worked so hard to be open and honest in their own writing.

Here’s to continuing on in 2017!


JP and scarves .JPG



This Coming Thursday…Snacks are invited!

We will be spending the day as a 5B classroom in PJ’S (not a have to, only if you choose to).  After reading aloud the book that started it all, we will be watch the classic movie that is based off this wonderful tale.

Parents, any kind of goodies that you would like to provide, is always appreciated!!

Looking forward to a cozy Thursday!!

Tis’ The Season…

img_0907-2We are in the midst of the holiday season, and what better time to give to those in need?

I feel lucky to have 3 classes that I enjoy teaching so much, especially  when the students have such big hearts.  Recently I was approached by a fifth grade student (Kaitlin Trudeau) who asked me help her to make a difference in the world. As a teacher (and a person) I felt a small part of me melt inside. She asked me if it would be possible to raise money for the Jimmy Fund along with Dana Farber to help raise money to help fight cancer.

Instantly I put my lunch down and we started to research ways to connect BES with these charities. After some hard research, we were able to get in touch with the Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and they have sent us twelve official canisters for anyone within the school (or even outside the school, parents, outside friends or family) to donate money.

We have already started the fundraising with only one jar in my classroom visible! I am overwhelmed by the amount of kindness and the investment the students have shown already. All the fifth grade classes have offered to make at least one poster if not more to help raise awareness .

In addition, I am offering my prep time during recess for anyone who would like to stay in and make posters to hang throughout the school. Fifth graders may also be popping by other classrooms to explain the importance of donating money to such an important cause. Let’s continue to make a difference, every donation can help to save a life.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

As always, thank you for your support.

Ms. Burger