Science Fair

Congratulations to all the hard working 5th and 6th graders leading up to the science fair! You were awesome today!


Look Out for Permission Slip!

5th Grade is going to the Connecticut Science Center June 8th, 2017!  The permission slips are BRIGHT pink and will be coming home with your child today.  Please take a close look at it, as there is a lot of important information there for you.

The first sheet should at home for your own information. The second page has to be brought back to school with your child by May 30th (if you would like to chaperone) or by the final due date, June 1st.  


Another year is here! Let’s celebrate our kids and their GROWTH MINDSET!

We have had a wonderful time learning with John Porcino! He has inspired us to learn that it’s okay to make mistakes in life and in school. John has taught us that taking safe risks is what life is all about.  He has been open, and honest as he’s shared his own life stories with us. John inspired us with quotes and along the way he’s even taught us how to juggle!

With his lessons, I was able to work with the students to create their own folder portfolios that share their own truths. The students wrote personal narratives about the risks they’ve taken in their life. Risks that have helped them further to grow, learn, and become stronger individuals. They will be sent home once all students have finished.

I have truly enjoyed this unit and I am so proud of the students that worked so hard to be open and honest in their own writing.

Here’s to continuing on in 2017!


JP and scarves .JPG



This Coming Thursday…Snacks are invited!

We will be spending the day as a 5B classroom in PJ’S (not a have to, only if you choose to).  After reading aloud the book that started it all, we will be watch the classic movie that is based off this wonderful tale.

Parents, any kind of goodies that you would like to provide, is always appreciated!!

Looking forward to a cozy Thursday!!